Health Benefits of Adult Colouring Books

Art colouring therapy

Adult colouring books are very much in demand these days. It has been long time known that kids can benefit in many different ways from colouring pictures in the colouring books. Adults can benefit from colouring between the lines as well. Using pencil crayons and colouring pictures can provide much needed calming and relaxing benefits. Researchers and art therapists have been studying these benefits for over a decade and Crayola even came up recently with a collection of adult colouring books under the name of Colouring Escapes.

Researchers from John Hopkins University and editors of Yoga Journal have suggested that adult colouring books may be used as an alternative to meditation. Those books first successfully came on the market in 2012 and 2013 and instantaneously became a trend and a must have among the general public.

Art therapy is considered a process of making or creating an artwork that helps us to explore our emotions, face and reconcile mental conflicts, promotes self awareness, aids in managing addictive behaviours, reduces anxiety, improves self-esteem, helps in developing social skills, offers healing and pretty much mimics the benefits of an old fashioned couch therapy as per American Art Therapy Association.

Keep in mind that while art therapy mimics the old fashioned type of emotional therapy, it is not completely the same. Colouring on its own is not really considered a form of art therapy, as therapy implies a connection between therapist and a client. Art therapy however creates a connection between art therapist, client and artwork in order to promote healing, and find meaning in the art or emotions that cannot be expressed otherwise. Client is supposed to create an artwork in a therapy that will soothe and relax while art therapist will help and interpret the meaning of hidden messages that are psyche wants to further explore.

Colouring in an adult colouring book and art therapy are not exactly the same thing. However, colouring has great number of mental health benefits and helps focusing; people with attention deficit disorder may benefit greatly from colouring between the lines. Research in 2005 was shown to be groundbreaking in reduction of anxiety levels in people that coloured round frames that contained geometric patterns inside. Such frames are called mandalas. Keep in mind that colouring and simple doodling are not the same thing, and doodling had not shown any reduction in stress levels in people being tested.

When compared to meditation, colouring also helps us leave our thoughts aside and focus only on the action of colouring in that particular moment which helps in free-floating anxiety. People that like art, but are not overly artistic may benefit from using adult colouring books as they do not look at colouring as an art form but rather as a self soothing mechanism where certain objects such as mandalas are coloured in any way a person may like, while paying special attention to follow the form and lines in order to create beautiful artwork. Person that colours an image finds colouring tranquil and becomes content in the particular moment.

If you are looking for a hobby that will help you relax and restore your mental and emotional reserves, adult colouring books may be your golden ticket to self therapy. As adults like to be precise, they should skip the crayons and opt for coloured pencils instead. Crayola has complete guide that will help you mix and match colours, offer advice on shading and lightning in order to create highlight or lowlight in your masterpiece.

If you are in the need of a therapy, an art therapy may be the way to go as an alternative to mediation and regular old fashioned psychotherapy. Become happier with scribbling, pay attention to how you feel now, while you create your own artwork with colours that present colours of your mental health at any given time!

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