How To Choose The Right Type Of Exercise For You

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A lot of people start the New Year with resolutions. Among the most common ones are to lose weight or join the gym. While it is great to have resolutions and stick to them, we should keep in mind that goals such as weight loss or getting more exercise are not something we can commit to for a couple of months and just let it go. We risk running in circles and never accomplish any long term results.

If we want to lose weight, for such reasons as health, or to fit in those skinny jeans we’ve been saving since 2005 in hopes to wear them again, we should keep in mind that in order to lose and maintain our desired weight, we most likely will need to be committed to a lifestyle change. Weight loss should not be a quick fix but a permanent solution so we can be happy with the body we have.

Same goes with joining the gym. There are some people that truly enjoy going to the gym and they stick to it, whether they have their own exercise regime with or without personal trainer, or join the group classes. While we congratulate to those, we can’t help but wonder why some of us don’t like going to the gym, even though they don’t mind exercising?

The solution may lay in the fact that you simply haven’t discovered the exercise that is right for you. While you may like gymnastics, is that something you would truly enjoy doing 3 – 5 times a week? Maybe. Or maybe not. If you are at the maybe not end, perhaps you should re-evaluate your exercise goals.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my reason for exercise? (i.e. to feel healthier or to lose weight)
  • What do I want to accomplish by exercising? (i.e. become stronger, improve endurance, look leaner and more toned, improve stamina and mental well being etc.)
  • Is this particular type of exercise something I want to do 3 – 5 times a week? (The answer should be simple YES or NO. If the answer is NO, move on until you find something to which you can answer YES, otherwise you’re never going to stick to your exercises).
  • When you finish the particular exercise, do you feel like you could do it more or are you happy that it’s done and over with? (Think about this, if you are happy to finish exercising just to cross it off your list, perhaps the chosen exercise is not the right for you).
  • Is this particular exercise something you can see yourself doing in the future?

Studies have shown that people that are satisfied with the chosen exercise or sport are more likely to stick to it for life than the ones that are doing it to achieve particular goal, or lose weight. Weight loss should be a side effect not the desired result.

In the Western world, yoga has become increasingly popular and choice of exercise for a lot of people. As there are many different types of yoga styles that offer a range of difficulty and movement, it’s proven to be beneficial to both younger adults as well as seniors.

Bottom line is, no matter what type of daily exercise you choose to do, make sure it is something that you really like. That is the only way you will stick with it effortlessly and with passion. Committing to exercise is a lifestyle change for healthier body and mind. Choose your exercise wisely.

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