About Us

We are committed to finding a way to treat depression naturally, with the help of natural supplements, healthy lifestyle and exercise. We have collected information from the internet and checked various research in order to find a solution to a mental disorder that can seriously affect person’s quality of life.

Depression and anxiety do not have to mean a life long sentence. We should not give up in the search of a relaxed, balanced and stress-free life. Behind most ideas, there is a personal story – a story that consists of life of struggle and busy mind that never gets tired and often goes into overdrive. I am not here to tell a personal story, as everyone has a story similar to mine. Everyone has suffered at some point in their life and everyone has gone through hard times.

Most people will experience depression and anxiety at some point in their lives and my story is no different than most people’s. However, how we get up when pushed down, how we fight back when attacked and how we act when we have no desire to live is what makes us different. Yes, we may be depressed, and yes we may experience anxiety from time to time or all day long, but how we respond to it should be our choice. Is there a healthy alternative in treatment of depression and anxiety? If there is, should we not try that first instead of getting addicted to various medications that alter our mind, our feelings and our way of thinking?

We all want one simple thing: a happy and normal life, without constantly being in fight-or-flight mode. Some of us gave up and went easier route with conventional medicine. But some of us choose to explore other options and decide for ourselves what is best for our body and our mind.

There are no reference links here. My reference is the whole internet, starting from conventional medicine websites to alternative medicine and supplements. I have taken into consideration not only what science and research says, but also, what people are saying about certain supplements. I have researched to see what works for other people and some of those recommendations have ended up on this website. We should all do what is best for our body. We know the best. Choices are in front of us and we should decide where to go from here.

And, while there will not be any personal story to tell here, I will present you with my research and suggest what might work. I hope that what have worked for me will also work for others. I feel good about giving forward, in hope that good feelings will quench my thirst for cure.

In this journey, I have discovered zen, mindfulness meditation and yoga. Zen as a way of life, mindfulness meditation as a way to free my busy mind, breathe, relax and just be and yoga to build the strength and endurance of both my mind and body.

Medical Disclaimer: The Content on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.