15 Mini Habits That Help With Anxiety Attack

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Anyone who stumbles upon this page was probably searching how to get over anxiety attack quickly so I will not go into details of  anxiety attacks. You know it, and I know it, so let’s focus on a solution. We can’t just get over it or focus our thoughts on something else. When anxiety attacks, it overwhelms the whole system, until there is no you, but anxiety feeding of your being as a parasite, always hungry and never sleeping. Your body almost feels like a host to this creature that surrounds us completely until we no longer exist, and there’s only anxiety left. At least that’s what it feels like on some days.
My solution to most stressful situations in life was to sleep it off as everything looks better in the morning. I would say the same is true for anxiety unless there is something that really bothers us and our thoughts drift to it as soon as we’re awake.
If we worry constantly about things or something or somebody sets our anxiety into motion, there are some things worth trying in order to help and alleviate the symptoms. Besides the obvious to get enough sleep every night here’s a little list that might come in handy. Don’t be afraid to try different things from the list. We’re all different and what works for some may not work for others. Also, sometimes one thing may not work but in combination with few different things it may prove to be successful recipe to combat anxiety.
  • If you cannot fall asleep, put some lavender essential oil on a cotton pad and place it by your pillow so you can breathe in lavender while trying to calm down and fall asleep.
  • Breathe in and breathe out in even breaths and close your eyes. If you find it hard to focus, play some guided meditation from YouTube that is made especially for reduction of stress and anxiety. My favourite guided meditation is from The Honest Guys or Jason Stephenson.
  • Take a hot shower if possible. Water has cleansing effect on our body and soul and when we have a shower or bathe we instantly feel lighter, like some invisible weight is being lifted off.
  • Write down what you are actually worried about. Make a list if needed. Seeing such a list in writing may lessen our worry and problems may not be as big as they appear to be. And even if they are big i.e. you went bankrupt, or your heart got shattered in a million pieces, or your lost your job, none of it will kill you. Lots of people went through similar things as you and almost all of them have survived. You will too.
  • Go to your favourite coffee shop, order some desert and a coffee or tea, and enjoy some light reading, whether it’s a magazine or a book.
  • Go for a walk around the block. Sometimes speed walking or even running may help, as we often feel like we want to run away from our anxiety symptoms. Try literally running or waking away from it.
  • If you don’t have a pet, it may be beneficial to go to the pet store and look at kittens and puppies. Or visit a friend that has a pet. Pets have soothing effect on us, and we often believe that they understand us and connect with us on a different level. That they can feel what we feel and their wise eyes seem to know it all. Pets instantly calm us in their trusting way and we should not be afraid to show our love to them.
  • Drink a glass of water as being dehydrated can cause anxiety.
  • Clean your home if possible. Excess clutter can make us anxious and clean home can make us feel clean inside our body too. It’s all in our heads, and our anxious and messy minds can’t stand clutter around them. You will feel good after you finish.
  • Do yoga. If you can’t go to the class, try finding it online and exercise in to comfort of your own home.
  • Buy an accent piece for your room in yellow, such as a pillow or blanket. Studies have shown that this colour make people happy. If possible, paint one wall in your bedroom yellow.
  • Pray even if you are not religious. There is something comforting in talking to the Universe or God that will make us feel better and less lonely. Pray for the good things in your life. Wish good for yourself and others. Do good for yourself and others. Turn on a music that you especially like. If music bothers you at this point, then sit in silence and breathe calmly focusing your thoughts on visualization of grass and nature, perhaps flowing water too.
  • Go shopping. Although not a long term solution, finding something to buy that we like may make us feel better.
  • Watch a comedy show on Netflix. If you don’t feel like starting anything new, there is nothing better than an episode of good old Friends.
When anxiety strikes, don’t give in, find distraction in something else. Something that we know for sure will give us pleasure. Anxiety may come and go few times a day, or sometimes it may come once and linger until the bedtime. Don’t wallow in your own thoughts, direct them elsewhere and watch anxiety disappear. Place a hand on your heart and imagine that little angry ball that is bursting red in your chests calm down. Visualize your anxiety and realize that there is nothing to be afraid of. You can conquer anything. Believe in that, and believe in yourself and miracles will happen. Day by day, you may be able to cure your soul from this awful parasite that eats away your whole being while causing a physical pain at the same time. Wake up and fight back, don’t let it overpower you. You are strong and you can do it. Minute by minute, allow some joy into your heart. Look for it, find it, but you have to take a first step as it will not come to you first. You have to do the first step. Although we shouldn’t be promoting alcohol here, if nothing else helps, a small glass of red wine may just do the trick.

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